decrease in lightness

decrease in lightness

For some it is vitamins and nutrients in liquid form, for others it is an increase in consciousness.

Instead of loving oneself and acknowledging oneself
Many people try their injuries and trauma so too
suppress that others do not discover them. Relaxation
and the associated orientation in the here and now becomes
difficult and sometimes even impossible.

The own protection against other people, in the form of
Fettschicjten, becomes vital.

The same applies to toxins e.g. in the food. The apparent
Hedging, poisons and threats, shows up in
the fat layers surrounding people. It is also important to
understand that the normal body functions must first be brought into balance.

Only when it has created awareness and deep trust in itself,
the protective fat may and may be reduced.

To support this, losing weight was created with ease

Content: 50ml energized wate