Evolution - the profound change

"The basic trust keeps us in the development"

The world novelty "Evolution Homoeological®" was developed to regain one's own basic trust and thus be able to free oneself from fears and blockages.

LIFE - Fears, stress and environmental influences can disturb human beings, animal and even plant life in their existence and development. The sensation of being on the spot, not moving and losing oneself in time are those feelings
unknown to anyone and can manifest themselves in a physical and mental standstill. The solution to maneuvering out of the situation simply means: basic trust.

"We have to regain our basic trust"

"To dissolve this developmental standstill on a physical and emotional level and thus achieve a harmonious balance, I developed Evolution Homoeological®," Walburga Cantieni explains her world first. "We have our basic trust
win back, so that we can overcome the inner standstill in order to evolve profoundly. The objective is to go through life with a healthy feeling and to enjoy the joie de vivre. "

Suitable for humans, animals and plants

Evolution is based on the knowledge that information can be transported via the medium of water and thus vital substances can be absorbed. This is not only used in humans. The scope of application also covers the flora and fauna. "Our product range is constantly being expanded. In the meantime, more than 25 specific mixes of topics are available for humans - child, woman and man - and now for breeding, domestic and wild animals as well as for the plant world ", says the developer
Walburga Cantieni.

Evolution and not a revolution

The positive customer response underpins the credibility of Evolution Homoeological®, the developer is quite sure. The brand name was then chosen not random. "The use leads to a complementary and harmonious
Development and does not seem like a radical change. Therefore no revolution, but just an evolution, "says Cantieni. The Evolution range is available in the online shop at Because every living thing is so individual,
you should try and experience evolution yourself.

Info box:

The Evolution Homoeological® range, with over 25 different theme mixes, can help with stress situations, sleep disorders, obesity, pain, vitamin deficiency, skin and eye problems, symptoms of all kinds. Available in the online shop at:

Livestock breeders can convince themselves with a free sample of the product. We are looking for sales partners who can profit from lucrative conditions.

A new generation is born - another future

We wish you a lot of fun, fun and lightness with evolution.